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Socrates (469-399 BC) is known by his disciples, Xenophon

and Plato. Born in Athens, received a careful education

his parents: Sophroniscus, sculptor and Fenareti, midwife. His teaching was

oral, wrote nothing. Nevertheless, he was considered one of the men most

sages of his time. Nevertheless, it was not considered wise.

The Pythia the oracle of Delphi, on behalf of Apollo, was quoted by one of

Socrates' relatives that there was a wiser man than he.

Concerned about such an announcement, sought to investigate and examine the meaning

those words and went out to inquire who said they were wise, but nothing

knew. At the end of his investigation, he realized why it was considered

sage: "Just know that I know nothing. " From that moment, he realized he had

one mission: to provoke thought and bring this to others so that

they became aware of its limitations and prejudices, freeing up

of false-

(SOURCE: Metropolitan University of Santos - Course of History)

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