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Answering the question raised by the teacher who asked:

Was there today any ideology capable of causing changes that would lead people to a better future?

Throughout human history we saw various forms of government, all with the promise of a better life for their citizens. Generation after generation we see that the errors are repeated, or if renewed, is rarely forgotten them. Personal interests always startle the public and community interests. We want justice, equality and fraternity, but we have committed injustice, we want to be different and we want others to agree with us. The big problem I see in humanity is not ideological in nature, we always have good ideas to improve the world, however, all our proposals fail because of our human nature, malicious, greedy, selfish, tricky, hedonistic, weak, perverse, and other qualifications for exemption be listed.

Just to recall, the exercise of power systems and forms of governments that have experience in this world are:

This huge pot called planet Earth where we live, has introduced all kinds of recipes economic, political, religious imaginable to try to establish a kingdom of peace and prosperity on Earth. ALL IN VAIN. We need no more ideologies, enough!!

Frankly, the failure of the human species is inevitable. I see only one solution with superhuman intervention to govern men on earth and change human nature inside. I'm a fatalist because the historical experience leads me to believe that only an intervention paranormal, supernatural, supernormal, super-human can change this system of things.

Back to answering the question of the teacher, I repeat that NO IDEOLOGY MAY IMPROVE LIFE. Humanity needs to create waves of fads and live, now dominated ideologies are on earth, at other times, other ideologies predominate, all in vain.
A summary of my observations is the same as the wise Solomon summarized in a few pages called The Book of Ecclesiastes. The wise chapter by chapter of his book ends with always the same conclusion: Vanity of vanities, all is vanity (GO).

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